Goodbye 2023: A successful year for marketing superheroes


Here at Connectif, we’re driven by one goal: turn eCommerce marketers into fully-fledged superheroes. We believe that intelligent marketing is the key to eCommerce success and, for that reason, marketers have a very important mission to complete. That’s why since day one, we strive to place the power of data and AI into the hands of marketers and eCommerce Managers with our unique Data First marketing automation platform. 

There’s still a long way to go, but thanks to the passion, effort and drive of our incredible team in 2023, we’ve come a very long way (8 new countries, to be precise)!

Join us as we reflect on Connectif’s highlights of 2023!

Our top milestones of 2023

This year has been an exciting adventure full of learnings, growth, new connections, challenges and achievements. To finish 2023 on a high, we wanted to share each milestone with you all. 

Here we go!

1. Money, money, money: Revenue growth up 139% 

Revenue growth has increased an impressive 139% this year! The secret? The combination of effort, innovation and the trust of companies that have chosen Connectif as their strategic partner to reach their goals. 

2. More members jumping aboard the Data First ship

As true adventurers, we love adding new members to our crew. This year, we’ve grown from 42 to 59 employees! A growth of 41% that reflects the collaborative spirit, talent and dedication of our ever-expanding team.

3. Plenty more room for success: 320m2 of pure potential

This year, we cut the ribbon at our new offices in Murcia with a whopping 320m^2 of space for our team. Beyond the bricks, mortar and excellent views, our new HQ is a symbol of our growth and the expansion of our goals and dreams (#DeMurciaAlMundo). Ah, and it also doubles as the perfect meeting spot for a company get-together. 

4. Caught the attention (and hearts) of over 1,800 eCommerce

It looks like more and more businesses want a slice of the Data First action as we surpassed 1,800 clients this year! Let us take this moment to thank our clients around the world for choosing Connectif to satisfy your marketing automation needs, and of course to our incredible partners for recommending us. We hope to surpass your high expectations!

5. Major global brands turning to Data First marketing

This year, we’re proud to have welcomed a number of eCommerce giants such as Acer, GAP, Coca-Cola, Samsung, and Converse to our platform. Of course, not forgetting the many rising stars such as Clarel, Black Limba, La Sirena, Krack, Aosom, Postalmarket who have opened accounts with us too in 2023!

6. Internationalization: Connectif entered 8 new countries

During this incredible year, Connectif has conquered 8 new markets, landing in Costa Rica, Panama, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Bolivia, Uruguay, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates. Each new market is a new adventure, and we are excited to create global connections!

7. We became polyglots and launched a multilingual website 

Due to our growing global success, one big challenge in 2023 was to adapt to the local language of each market. So, we decided to break every language barrier and launch a new website in four languages: Spanish, English, Italian, and French to reach more people than ever. Stay tuned, mais surpresas coming soon…

8. We traveled the world just to meet you

Connecting virtually with our clients, partners and friends is sweet but it’s just not the same as real life. So this year, we packed our bags and headed to new destinations to connect in person at top eCommerce events around the world. These events have been key in 2023 to understand the needs of each existing (and future!) client. Our team attended 38 events in 8 countries and 14 cities, sharing our knowledge in 27 presentations and debates. Thank you for welcoming us so warmly; we had a blast!

9. 70 new partners joined our expanding ecosystem

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Connectif wouldn’t be the same without our partners. If in 2022 we felt unstoppable with 150 partners by our side, we must now be invincible thanks to the 70 new digital agencies who have joined Connectif’s Partner Program. Additionally, we have had the pleasure to certify our three Data First Experts, along with our first partners in Italy and the Netherlands.

10. Never stop evolving: 35 new product features launched

Let’s pause again to discuss something significant that sets us apart: the evolution of Connectif. This year, we provided our clients with a total of 35 new features. From Copilot, our intelligent content creation assistant powered by OpenAI, to automatic translations with DeepL, the arrival of multistore and multiuser navigation, and synchronization with Google Ads. And if that’s not enough, our Performance team also shared 27 new workflows in our brimming library of templates!

11. Extending the power of our platform with 7 new extensions

Connectif joined forces with 7 new allies to offer all clients a set of powerful marketing tools to transform every stage of the customer journey. From chatbots to powerful eCommerce search, this year we added Doofinder, WhatsApp, Spoki, Reskyt, Oct8ne, Qapla’, and Zapier as new extensions to our platform. 

12. Over two billion omnichannel communications sent!

Saving the biggest number until last: Our final milestone is the total number of communications sent from our platform in 2023. We love to see our clients maximize the potential of our platform to effectively impact their users across channels. This year, they automated a total of omnichannel communications. Impressive!

And in 2024?

This has been a brief summary of our main milestones reached in 2023. Thanks to all our travel companions: clients, partners, and everyone who has been part of this journey. We are excited about what the future holds in the next chapter of this adventure!

We’re ready for you, 2024. Bring it on!


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