Integrate your online shop with our next-level marketing automation platform

Transform the performance of your VTEX store by launching sales-boosting customer experiences for all customers in less than 5 minutes.

Enhance the experience of your VTEX store

Elevate user interaction, boost conversions, and unlock the full potential of your VTEX business. From personalized product suggestions to segmented campaigns, push notifications, dynamic landing pages, and automated funnels – get ready to revolutionize your eCommerce strategy for unparalleled success!

Install the

Access the VTEX App Store and log in to your account. Search for the Connectif app and follow the steps for installation.

Configure in

Once installed, head to Settings to create a new user role and set up permissions, and create a new Application Key for Connectif.

Activate and
get going

In the ERPs & CRMs section of your Connectif account, copy the Client ID and Secret Key and add them to the Configuration section of Connectif in VTEX. Save, close and ready to go!

Gain real time visibility of your VTEX store

Benefit straight away from a real-time activity feed to track every interaction your customers make. We’re talking email opens, notification clicks, visits to your store, product page views, items added to carts, abandoned carts, form submissions and so much more… Your catalog will be synced and ready for you to take advantage of every opportunity with the best strategy and recommendations to drive conversion.

Know who you are talking to, even if they’re anonymous

Identify and take care of your VTEX shop’s traffic based on intelligent, metric-based insights about known and anonymous users. Strengthen relationships with loyal customers, spot and target potential buyers based on their behaviour and seek out dormant customers to win over.

We decided to integrate with Connectif for the centralization and expansion of new channels, native integration with VTEX IO and Legacy, a more robust reporting and insights module for better decision-making, and lastly, more options for automation.

No-code workflows and next level, AI-powered automation

Effortlessly launch all kinds of marketing strategies with pre-defined triggers, actions and conditions to build no-code workflows that drive customers to your VTEX site. Benefit from next level intelligence with an AI-powered assistant for creating content, while also smart segmenting audiences and predicting the future.

Add a human touch to your communication with hyper-personalization

Delight all of the customers of your VTEX store by taking advantage of first-party data to tailor campaigns, hyper-personalize messaging and offer irresistible product recommendations across all channels. Drive engagement, loyalty and sales by making each customer feel like you understand their every want and need – because you truly do!

Benefit from intuitive dashboards and deeper data exploration

You will have access a global dashboard that automatically transforms data from your VTEX store, other digital channels, customers and campaigns into key, digestible insights. Dig deeper than ever before with our Data Explorer to compare, predict and and develop unique data-driven insights to empower your store with an unparalleled user experience.