Engage paid
media audiences
and boost ROAS

Elimintate ineffective paid campaigns and maximize return on ad spend with a seamless cross-channel experience and laser-focused audience targeting.

Supercharge your paid campaigns

Targeting the right audience with paid campaigns is essential. But with a Data First focus, you can ensure maximum return on ad spend with the ability to identify, segment and target high-value audiences across Google, Facebook, TikTok and more, and then define a coherent and unique customer journey across your website from the moment they land to drive them all the way through to checkout.

Define the

Whether it’s search ads, social media, or display advertising, harness the power of data, algorithms and smart segmentation to define your paid campaign.

Create the

With first-party data insights from all of your channels, you can ensure you focus your paid ads efforts on the most valuable prospects according to each strategy.


See your return on ad spend soar like never before by providing a unique and hyper-personalized experience to every customer every step of the way.

Eliminate wasteful ad spend and lost sales opportunities

  • You spend so much time, money and effort bringing traffic to your website, but with over 70% of this traffic made up of anonymous users, you’re missing out on countless sales opportunities.
  • Eliminate wasteful spend by targeting your paid campaigns to the right audience with the right messaging, and follow through with the same personalized content on your website to convert traffic into sales.
  • Aside from anonymous users, make sure you’re offering a seamless and consistent experience to win over customers you’re about to lose, or keeping big-spenders sweet with personalized offers.

Tap into untapped markets with ease

  • Advanced algorithms and intelligent data analysis enable you to identify users that are worth targeting, such as high-value customers, with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Use smart segmentation, first-party data and AI to create audience segments based on all kinds of characteristics, purchases, preferences and behaviour then synchronize your audiences effortlessly with Google Ads and Facebook to supercharge your paid ad campaigns.
  • Effortlessly discover new audiences that mirror your most profitable segments and bring them onboard with highly effective paid ads to grow a high quality customer base for your eCommerce business.

Check the performance of your paid campaigns

  • Arm yourself with powerful analytics and reporting features that offer deep insights into your advertising performance and sales attribution.
  • Monitor the impact of your campaigns, track conversions, and gain valuable data-driven insights to optimize the omnichannel experience for the traffic your paid ads bring to your shop.
  • Predict the engagement and conversion of every paid campaign you launch and make better, data-driven decisions to make a bigger impact with your audience.

Connect across all channels

With our platform’s omnichannel focus, you can connect on a deeper level with your audience by targeting specific segments with the right message on all channels and invest intelligently in paid campaigns enriched with customer insights.

Cohesive customer journey

Let your paid ads speak directly to your audience to drive engagement and ROAS like never before. Create a cohesive customer journey beyond your website that keeps them coming back for more.

Complete omnichannel control

Our user-friendly interface and intuitive features empower even the most tech-challenged marketers to effortlessly orchestrate paid campaigns across channels with ease.

Get started today and see your ROAS soar to new heights

Client Success Stories

Discover how this leading fashion eCommerce business transformed their customer experience and boosted sales through segmentation and personalization.


increase in Customer
Lifetime Value


increase in email
campaign open rate


increase in
online sales

Find out how Kave Home maximized the impact of their marketing strategy by switching from transactional marketing to relationship marketing based on customer data.


increase in recovery
of abandoned carts


reactivation rate of
dormant customers


open rate of
segmented campaigns

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