Gain powerful cross-channel insights

Benefit from centralized first-party data from all channels and effortlessly analyse customer behaviour. Respond with seamless omnichannel communication strategies to engage with your customers everywhere.

Unleash the power of your
first-party data

Gain full visibility of your customers on all channels in one platform. See every interaction a customer has made in the past and in real time with content on your website, social media, emails, push notifications, SMS and WhatsApp, from the moment they come into contact with your business as an anonymous user to their most recent purchase as a loyal customer.

Real time activity feed

Benefit from a powerful real-time activity feed which shows every interaction of all your customers on every channel right as they happen.

Identify opportunities

Keep an eye on every customer in real time and predict their future actions based on AI paired with your endless history of their previous interactions and purchases.

Respond instantly

Once you’ve spotted an opportunity, come to their rescue with the best strategy: pop-ups, cross-selling, up-selling abandoned cart recovery, discount coupons, feedback forms, personalized recommendations, and so much more.

Find your mystery shoppers

Over 70% of your eCommerce traffic is anonymous. Take advantage of this huge opportunity with the ability to track their behaviour and interactions on your eCommerce website.

Understand their behaviour

Gain real time visibility of your anonymous audience, from browsing behaviour and product preferences to abandoned carts, and use these insights to give them something useful that will catch their attention.

Turn them into customers

Whether it’s an incentive to sign up to your newsletter or a notification about their abandoned cart of goodies, give them a reason to make themselves known so you can then sweet-talk them into becoming a loyal customer.

Keep on top of all your channels

With unlimited insights into the omnichannel behaviour of your customers at your fingertips, you can analyze and compare the performance and results of your different channels in an instant. Which customers read their emails? Who is more likely to react to a push notification? Which audience would appreciate an SMS about your re-stocked products? Be clear about when, where and what to communicate to each customer across each channel, and let us deal with how.

Explore your data like never before

As well as being able to see and compare the overall performance of your channels to answer key questions about your business, you also have all the tools you will ever need to become your own business intelligence analyst and squeeze maximum benefits out of your data.

  • Dig deeper with a flexible and multi-dimensional Data Explorer
  • Compare, learn and cross-reference data without limits
  • Gain real time insights that could never be found elsewhere

Get started in minutes

Whatever your eCommerce platform, it takes just a matter of minutes to integrate all of your customer data, channels, sales and catalog info so you can get started with launching your first workflow and seeing the results right away!

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Ready to create meaningful connections that convert anonymous visitors into loyal customers?

Client Success Stories

Discover how this leading fashion eCommerce business transformed their customer experience and boosted sales through segmentation and personalization.


increase in Customer
Lifetime Value


increase in email
campaign open rate


increase in
online sales

Find out how Kave Home maximized the impact of their marketing strategy by switching from transactional marketing to relationship marketing based on customer data.


increase in recovery
of abandoned carts


reactivation rate of
dormant customers


open rate of
segmented campaigns

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Create dynamic audience segments based on powerful customer insights.

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Experience Personalization

Delight your customers with relevant messages on their favourite channel.

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Drag-and-drop workflows in seconds or make use of over 100 pre-defined templates.

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Intelligent Data

Analyse performance, adapt your strategy and plan for the future with smart insights.

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