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What our partners are saying

Working with Connectif, we have gained an ally that has allowed us to help our clients evolve their marketing automation strategies and take them to the next level. The best thing about this partner is that we have been able to work based on data, campaign interactions, and website behaviour, and this has led to very satisfying sales growth for our clients. Additionally, by centralizing different communication channels such as email, SMS, push notifications, web personalization, forms, etc., we have managed to maximize the exposure of the department as a whole.

Camila Dueñas

Head of Marketing Automation

Connectif is a very versatile tool and very easy to use. One of the main uses we make of it is to segment different groups of users based on the RFM model. This allows us to create automated flows that run periodically based on the interaction these user segments have with the digital product we are working with. The results are very positive and satisfying, both for us and for our clients.

Ángel Mojarro

Digital Marketing Manager

For Geotelecom, the best thing about working with Connectif is being able to have a powerful, intuitive, and constantly evolving tool. From the agency’s perspective, we believe it is an essential service for any eCommerce as it helps us work on customer recurrence and loyalty in a creative and dynamic way. An indispensable member that is already part of our team.

Raquel Candón Ardilla

Team Lead Marketing Automation