conversion with
push notifications

Deliver personalized push notifications that encourage sales straight to the browser on your clients’ device and benefit from limitless engagement.

Push customers to purchase

Boost engagement and sales with one of the most ROI-effective messaging types out there. Push notifications allow you to overcome the hurdles of interacting with your anonymous users while also helping you retain valuable customers with customized notifications delivered to their desktop. Combine them with your efforts across other channels to reinforce your omnichannel marketing strategy.

Define the

Choose why, when and how you are going to sweet-talk your website visitors into opting in to receive push notifications.

Design the

Craft personalized messaging with dynamic variables to make sure your push notifications bring value to your customers.

Decide the

Segment, target and personalize so you can reach specific audiencies with only the most relevant content to drive conversion.

Easy design, easy wins

  • Make use of the intuitive content builder to design highly effective and attractive notifications for customers who choose to see them. 
  • Looking to rescue abandoned carts or perhaps promote hot offers? Whatever your goal, you can achieve it by tailoring the messaging of each push notification to keep your customers in the loop.
  • Not sure which messaging works best in your push notification strategy? Embrace experimentation and ABX test your way to success.

Smart, quick and precise targeting

  • Choose which segments or individual customers to target based on powerful insights about product preferences, previous or potential purchases and real time behaviour on your eCommerce website.
  • Inform, engage and connect with your audience at lightning speed. As soon as they open their browser, you have the power to prompt them to visit your website and dive into a world of tailored experiences.
  • Show exclusive incentives to loyal customers, limited-time promotions to time-sensitive users or even boost offline sales with location-based push notifications even when they are not browsing your online shop.

Analyze the performance of every push notification

  • Be aware of every interaction and purchase each customer makes from your push notifications in real time.
  • Analyse, test and compare the performance of different push notifications to identify successful strategies for every audience.

Connect across all channels

Imagine a world where connecting with your customers seamlessly across all channels is not just a dream, but a reality. With our omnichannel focus, you can take your communication to the next level by implementing strategies to connect with your customers any time and anywhere.

Cohesive customer journey

From push notifications to social media, email, SMS and more, let your brand speak directly to your audience in a language they understand to create a unified customer journey that strengthens bonds with every customer.

Complete omnichannel control

No more headaches or complexities — our user-friendly interface and intuitive features empower even the most tech-challenged marketers to effortlessly orchestrate cross-channel campaigns with ease.

Maximize conversion with personalized push notifications

Client Success Stories

Discover how this leading fashion eCommerce business transformed their customer experience and boosted sales through segmentation and personalization.


increase in Customer
Lifetime Value


increase in email
campaign open rate


increase in
online sales

Find out how Kave Home maximized the impact of their marketing strategy by switching from transactional marketing to relationship marketing based on customer data.


increase in recovery
of abandoned carts


reactivation rate of
dormant customers


open rate of
segmented campaigns

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