All-In-One CDXP Platform

Personalize the customer’s purchasing experience and boost your sales with Connectif.

Enjoy an easy synchronization process so you can start earning from day one.

A powerful, easy-to-use CDXP platform for all your Marketing Automation needs

Plug and Play

Quick and easy integration. Your data will show up on the dashboard in less than 15 minutes.

Analysis and Segmentation

Single customer view and advanced segmentation and tracking in an omnichannel context.

Boost Your Sales

Get your clients’ attention at the right moment with a personalized sales strategy.


Adjust your plan according to your needs. No lock-in periods or usage limitations!

Improve conversion rates and boost your sales!

Improve conversion rates and

boost your sales!




Retrieved shopping carts


Average ticket


New leads

Omnichannel Workflows

Communicate with your clients at pivotal moments in a personalized way and through any channel.

  • Interact via e-mail, sms, push, social campaigns and much more.
  • Generate your own workflow or choose one of our templates.
  • Create infinite workflows!

Omnichannel Workflows

Advanced Segmentation

Advanced Segmentation

Plan your strategy based on the client’s browsing habits using dynamic segments.

  • Create a myriad of audiences based on user behavior.
  • Synchronize your audience with Facebook, GoogleAds & more.
  • Get to know each and every one of your clients!

Behavior-Based Personalization

Increase conversion rates through a unique customer experience tailored to every user.

  • Get leads in an efficient way.
  • Create the perfect communication strategy for each user.
  • Customize your eCommerce experience!

Behavior-Based Personalization

Unique Recommendations for Every Client

Unique Recommendations for Every Client

Improve customer experience with our predictive models and AI features.

  • Showcase recommended products for your users.
  • Increase profitabilty by promoting articles with higher profit margins.
  • Make the most out of your product catalog!

A Unique Customer Vision

Analyze user interaction in real time across different channels.

  • Create a powerful omnichannel strategy that includes a complete user overview.
  • Import your offline sales data using our API.
  • Improve your client analytics!

A Unique Customer Vision

CMS Integration in 15 Minutes

Connectif Integrations

In a short period of time, our product catalog will be synched and you’ll be able to analyze your clients’ customer journey, generate recommendations, create personalized content and much more. Say goodbye to long integration processes!

Prestashop Integration
Magento Integration
Shopify Integration
WooCommerce Integration
Vtex Integration
Customized Integration

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