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What our clients are saying

Quick and easy integration was the most important step for us. We had to ensure proper traceability of data and user activities.

We decided to integrate with Connectif because of the centralization and expansion of new communication channels, native integration with VTEX IO and Legacy, a more robust reporting and insights module for better decision making and, finally, more options to automate.

Extensions to enrich the experience

Take your business further with the growing number of extensions available in Connectif. Our platform offers a complete suite of eCommerce tools for you to offer an exceptional customer experience every step of the way, from discovery all the way through to loyalty.

Doofinder helps customers find products by quickly filtering by size, color, and style. With Connectif, you can track and analyze this search behavior to gain valuable insights to refine product offerings, recommend products, optimize results and more.

With WhatsApp, you can automate personalized messaging to send directly to specific customers at the right time. Confirm a recent purchase, follow up with abandoned carts, send contextualized recommendations, collect feedback and more.

Connectif’s integration with Spoki means your business can offer instant support, order updates and personalized recommendations to customers through WhatsApp, while also boosting sales with promotions, recovering abandoned carts, and gathering valuable feedback.

Connectif’s integration with Reskyt allows you to identify each user who enters your eCommerce app, track their purchasing behavior in real time, and interact with them in a personalized manner through native push notifications.

With Oct8ne, your eCommerce can provide 24/7 assistance through a chatbot. This extension facilitates contextual real-time conversations with personalized recommendations, support when abandoning a cart, and more, boosting loyalty and sales.

Qapla centralizes logistics related to shipments to enhance the delivery experience. With this extension, you can add an additional layer of personalization to transactional emails sent to your customers regarding the status of their orders.

Link your Connectif account with Zapier to explore all automation possibilities with different apps, such as creating new contacts in Connectif based on leads from Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn or Google Ads, and update information about existing contacts.

AccelaSearch offers instant, intelligent, and highly customizable search empowered by AI. With this extension, the search data from your customers can be used in strategic workflows and to insert all types of dynamic content into the search layer of your online shop.

Empower your eCommerce with data-driven marketing

Turn insights from your data into action! Launch highly effective marketing strategies to engage customers in your online shop and across all channels with the help of no-code workflows, AI-powered automation, smart segmentation and hyper-personalization.

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Track all known and anonymous users across all channels in real time.

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Delight your customers with relevant messages on their favourite channel.

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Advanced Segmentation

Create dynamic audience segments based on powerful customer insights.

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Intelligent Data Analytics

Analyse performance, adapt your strategy and plan for the future with smart insights.

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