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Quick and easy integration was the most important step for us. We had to ensure proper traceability of data and user activities.

We decided to integrate with Connectif because of the centralization and expansion of new communication channels, native integration with VTEX IO and Legacy, a more robust reporting and insights module for better decision making and, finally, more options to automate.

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Turn insights from your data into action! Launch highly effective marketing strategies to engage customers in your online shop and across all channels with the help of no-code workflows, AI-powered automation, smart segmentation and hyper-personalization.

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Track all known and anonymous users across all channels in real time.

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Delight your customers with relevant messages on their favourite channel.

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Advanced Segmentation

Create dynamic audience segments based on powerful customer insights.

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Intelligent Data Analytics

Analyse performance, adapt your strategy and plan for the future with smart insights.

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