Intelligent Data Analytics

The key to Data First marketing

Collect insights about every customer and every interaction they make across all your channels in one single platform and then effortlessly analyze, compare and reinforce your strategy with the power to predict the future.

Explore data like never before

Our global dashboard gives marketers an essential overview of their customers and omnichannel performance. But why stop there? Become your own data superhero by taking full control of your data to compare, question and unlock unique insights that will help take your marketing strategy to the next level.


Bring together and organize all your eCommerce data about customers, channels and campaigns into one platform as a single source of truth.


Display all data from your eCommerce in a comprehensive, global dashboard and instantly gain key insights into your business.


Get the answers to the most important questions about key aspects and KPIs of your marketing strategies and omnichannel performance.


Dig deeper into your data and compare an unlimited amount of metrics to uncover unique insights and ideas to empower your eCommerce.


Make sense of all of your data and identify the “what, why, how and when” behind your best results so you can refine and reproduce.


Spot trends and patterns as you explore your data that will help you to predict the future, including purchase intent, the holy grail of marketing.

From global insights...

As soon as you integrate Connectif into your online shop, you will be able to access an analytics dashboard that visualizes all your data into key, digestible insights to answer your most pressing questions.

Track customer behaviour

How is my audience interacting with my online shop? Who has spent the most, or the least, in the last 30 days? Who needs a helping hand to buy for the first time? Which customers do I need to keep my eye on?

Analyse omnichannel interactions

How are my subscribers responding to my emails? Are my push notifications driving engagement? How many clicks did my latest campaign receive? Which channel is generating the most sales?

Check purchase performance

How many sales has my online shop made this week? What’s each channel’s contribution to my overall sales? Has the abandoned cart rate dropped since the implementation of the automated pop-up? deeper data exploration

Focusing on the same data as everyone else makes it tricky to come up with anything groundbreaking in your marketing strategies. Become a Data First marketer without limits by digging deeper and uncovering unique and powerful insights that nobody else can.

Understand valuable customers

Which customers bring the most value? How do they interact with my online shop? How likely are they to buy again, and what are they going to buy? How much are they going to spend in total on my brand in their lifetime?

Identify future champions

Do any of my subscribers show similar characteristics to my most valuable customers? Who is showing high propensity to purchase in the future? What is the best channel to reach them?

Predict future sales

How many sales am I going to make in the next day, week, month or year? How prepared does my business need to be for the upcoming campaign? What can I do to make sure customers purchase more than last time?

Understand and learn from your data

With the power to answer any question about your eCommerce, you will gain strong understanding of what makes your customers tick. From how to speak with each customer to where you’re most likely to find them, you can constantly test, analyse and improve the impact of your marketing strategy.

Ready to become a Data First marketer?

Client Success Stories

Discover how this leading fashion eCommerce business transformed their customer experience and boosted sales through segmentation and personalization.


increase in Customer
Lifetime Value


increase in email
campaign open rate


increase in
online sales

Find out how Kave Home maximized the impact of their marketing strategy by switching from transactional marketing to relationship marketing based on customer data.


increase in recovery
of abandoned carts


reactivation rate of
dormant customers


open rate of
segmented campaigns

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