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Transform your email marketing game with hyper-personalized messaging and engaging email experiences to drive engagement, loyalty and sales.

Unleash microtargeting and mass reach

Send highly converting, GDPR-compliant emails to the masses or to pinpoint specific customers. With an easy-to-use content builder, powerful customer insights and the ability to automate contextual send-outs based on extensive behavioural triggers, your newsletters will never go unnoticed again. And the cherry on top? All subscriptions, double opt-ins and unsubscribes are handled automatically within the platform.

Create the

Choose from pre-defined templates or create your own from scratch and implement hyper-personalized messaging.

Choose the

From 1:1 communication to emails at scale, automate the send out of your emails to the right audience at the right moment.

Check the

See how each customer interacts with each email in real time to find future engagement opportunities and respond in real time.

Your emails are in safe hands

Our top sender reputation guarantees that your emails reach the intended inbox, while our private IP protects your deliverability. We automatically handle subscriptions, unsubscribes and double opt-ins, providing a seamless experience for you and your subscribers while also prioritizing your data security to ensure compliance with regulations like GDPR.

Make a bigger impact in their inbox

  • Benefit from a library of attractive email templates and a user-friendly content builder. If you’re feeling creative, you have the freedom to create your own emails from scratch with HTML.
  • Deliver emails at scale and with our unmatched sending speed. This comes in very handy when alerting your customers about limited-time offers that can’t be missed, such Black Friday.
  • Automate emails to react instantly to real time interactions and behavioural cues to catch customers when they are most likely to engage.

Boost the relevance of the content of your emails

  • Unlock an all-encompassing communication strategy – a game-changer for boosting engagement, building on high-performing campaigns and cultivating long-lasting client relationships.
  • Start a conversation through email, showcasing relevant offers, hyper-personalized product recommendations and much more based on the rich history of interactions and purchases made by each customer.
  • Take advantage of omnichannel communication by continuing the conversation through your website and then again through email, SMS or push without losing the context or their attention at any time.

Analyze the impact of every email you send

  • Gain a live view of your email workflows and be aware of every open, click and purchase each customer makes as they happen. Reinforce your response by taking appropriate actions across any channel in real time.
  • Analyse, test and compare the performance of your campaigns to identify and build on your most successful email strategies for every audience.
  • Step up your email game by predicting the performance and conversion of every email and make a bigger and better impact in their inbox every time.

Connect across all channels

Imagine a world where connecting with your customers across all channels is not just a dream, but a reality. With our omnichannel platform, you can say goodbye to relying solely on email marketing and say hello to effortlessly reaching customers wherever they are with hyper-personalized messaging.

Cohesive customer journey

From emails to social media, web, SMS and push notifications, let your brand speak directly to your audience across all touch points. Leave no stone unturned as you create a cohesive and memorable customer journey that keeps them coming back for more.

Complete omnichannel control

And the best part? We make it all astonishingly simple. Our user-friendly interface and intuitive features empower even the most tech-challenged marketers to orchestrate cross-channel campaigns with ease.

Elevate the results of your email marketing today

Client Success Stories

Discover how this leading fashion eCommerce business transformed their customer experience and boosted sales through segmentation and personalization.


increase in Customer
Lifetime Value


increase in email
campaign open rate


increase in
online sales

Find out how Kave Home maximized the impact of their marketing strategy by switching from transactional marketing to relationship marketing based on customer data.


increase in recovery
of abandoned carts


reactivation rate of
dormant customers


open rate of
segmented campaigns

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