Multichannel A/B/X Testing

The same action can produce different outcomes depending on the channel you use. Test your users’ behavior in every channel and analyze it from the same spot.

Find out what works.

Our Multichannel A/B/X Testing system is bigger than a regular A/B Test. Not only does it calculate results for various types of content and algorithms, but it also measures the performance of different channels for the same workflow touchpoint. Take optimization to the next level with multiple combinations!

Mix your channels and get conversions.

Connectif allows you to integrate every channel into your workflow: e-mail, push notifications, SMS, banners, dynamic content… And it doesn’t end there: you’ll be able to test different combinations for each A/B/X Test segment to find out which is the more effective way of delivering your message and tracking your users’ behavior.


How does it work?


A/B/X Testing can be easily implemented into your workflow. Add any channel and find out the perfect moment and audience segment to send your SMS or e-mail to or to display products, banners or push notifications.


Our insight panel will show you all the available data regarding campaign and channel effectiveness. Check how the same action works depending on the type of channel you choose for your communication action.


Analyze all the available data before campaign integration. Then, choose the channels that work best during browsing. Make smart decisions based on real information collected from your customers’ behavior.

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