Display personalized product recommendations for every user in any channel.

Take your remarketing strategies to the next level using our Artificial Intelligence tools.

Your product recommendations should be as smart as you.

Start hyper-personalizing in real time now with our easy to use, state-of-the-art AI. Offer unique products to your users in every possible format: web content, landing pages, e-mails… Personalize your customer experience to the max. Increase your relevance and get conversions!

Real-Time Recommendations

  • Display any products fit for your clients’ expectations and behavior in real time. With our AI, you’ll craft a truly hyper-personalized experience.
  • Apply algorithms to your workflows to offer a solid automated marketing experience for every client.
  • Use A/B/X Testing to find the best algorithm for each particular case. Make intelligent decisions based on real-time data!


How does it work?

Choose your audience

Start off defining your segmented target audience. You can select all web visitors or create a new user segment that perfectly fits your campaign. Then design your ideal audience to display recommendations to.

Create the perfect suggestion

Customize your AI-based recommendations. Choose recently viewed products, the most popular articles on your site or items related to your client’s cart to improve conversions. The possibilities are endless!

Make an impression

Embed a banner with your most popular products on the article’s page. Or wait a couple of days after a client’s visit to send them an e-mail with items related to their latest browsing session. Automation will make it easy for you.

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