Top 10 marketing automation strategies to boost conversion in your eCommerce

This year, we’ve been delighted to see a huge increase in the number of marketers donning the capes of Data First superheroes, navigating the Connectif landscape of automation, AI and data-driven marketing to drive sales for their businesses. 

As we reflect on the strides made in 2023, it’s evident that more eCommerce businesses are turning their attention towards these three superpowers in order to cover – and champion – every facet of the customer journey – from acquisition and retention to the pinnacle of eCommerce success: conversion. For us, the true marketing heroes this year are the ones who have leveraged automation, AI and data to create highly impactful experiences for their customers to result in boosted sales.

We’re not only proud to see our marketing automation platform at the heart of this revolution, but also of all the marketers taking the leap into this new world to transform their results. We wanted to dedicate this blog post to the superheroic endeavors of our clients, by sharing the most effective and popular workflows they’ve automated this year to boost conversion in their online stores.  

What is marketing automation?

If you’ve not yet made the leap into the world of marketing automation, here’s a quick, no-nonsense introduction to whet your appetite. Marketing automation refers to the use of software to streamline, automate, and measure tasks and processes rather than relying on human intervention, with the goal to make marketing strategies more efficient and effective with much less effort.  In fact, thanks to these advantages, almost 72% of the most successful companies implement this practice in the day-to-day running of their business. 

Marketing automation platforms are designed to help eCommerce managers and marketers define and manage communications with their customers through the use of automated workflows. 

In Connectif, marketers can quickly build all kinds of effective, no-code workflows to satisfy any strategy or target any audience, simply by dragging and dropping different nodes (actions, conditions and triggers). 

As a simple example, once a visitor to your website has signed up to your newsletter (trigger), but has not yet made a purchase (condition), it’s a good idea to send them a welcome email (action) to push this new contact towards making a purchase. It’s also the most-opened email you’ll ever send to any contact, so it’s worth making sure it has a big impact and it’s sent on time with the help of – you guessed it – an automated workflow.

To cut a long story short, marketing automation simply means that marketers can spend less time on tedious, repetitive tasks, and more time focusing on tasks that require creativity and brainstorming, such as this recent immersive Halloween campaign by Black Limba. 

If this still all sounds like gobbledygook to you, all is not lost. If you’re tempted to get started with marketing automation but have never built a workflow before, in Connectif, you’ll find a whole library of predefined workflows that have been tried, tested and recommended by our team of Performance experts. That’s right! No more excuses to get started on your mission of marketing automation and start seeing results in no time. 

Now, it’s time to read on to discover the most popular workflow templates used by our clients in 2023 to maximize their conversion with Connectif. 

Strategy 1 – Boost sales with personalized push notifications 

In an era where customer attention spans are fleeting, truly connecting with your customers is the key to success. This year, push notifications have emerged as marketers’ number one choice for quickly and effectively connecting with their customers.  Let’s delve into why push notifications have become a game-changer for our clients and why it’s a must-have in your marketing toolkit.

Push notifications don’t just allow marketers to foster immediate communication with customers, but they also help propel sales. The magic of these bite-sized messages lies in creating a sense of urgency, driving customers to your online shop and converting leads into purchases. The real-time nature of push notifications also allows eCommerce businesses to capitalize on trends, promotions, and time-sensitive offers, maximizing the impact of their marketing efforts.

At Connectif, we’ve harnessed the superpowers of automation and data-driven insights to elevate push notifications to new heights. Our platform allows marketers to seamlessly integrate first-party data, ensuring that each message is not just a generic notification but a tailored experience. By automating the mass delivery of hyper-personalized messages based on customer behavior and preferences, Connectif ensures your brand communicates with customers in the most impactful way possible to drive sales.

Want to learn how to implement push notification campaigns like a pro? Click here to discover the workflow template that powered this strategy for numerous Connectif clients this year and witness the transformative impact on customer engagement and sales.

Strategy 2 – Maximize conversions with an innovative prize wheel

While the rest of the eCommerce sector scrambles to find innovative and impactful ways to engage with their audience, Connectif’s clients have been secretly reaping the rewards of a touch of gamification in their online shops! With visitors eagerly spinning a prize wheel for exclusive rewards, this simple yet much-loved feature has emerged as this year’s second most popular strategy among our clients (especially during Black Friday!). 

A prize wheel strategy holds unparalleled value in capturing customer attention and driving conversion. By incorporating an element of chance and excitement into their online shop, eCommerce businesses create a memorable and interactive experience for every visitor. This not only enhances brand recall but also encourages users to explore your products or services further. The anticipation of a reward stimulates engagement and makes the entire shopping journey more enjoyable.

With Connectif, marketers can transform a simple prize wheel from being a form of entertainment in their eCommerce into a strategic powerhouse. Our data-driven marketing automation platform seamlessly integrates the prize wheel into their online shop, while also having the ability to tailor the rewards in the wheel to individual preferences, creating a personalized experience that resonates with each visitor and leads to increased sales.

Curious to unveil the magic behind Connectif’s automated prize wheel success? Download our PDF to discover the workflow template that fueled this strategy for countless clients this year. 

Strategy 3 – Sell more with weekly product recommendations

Aside from gamification, another strategy that has emerged this year as a true favourite among Data First marketers for connecting with their customers is the automation of a weekly email that provides personalized product recommendations! To be honest, we’d go as far to say that this is not just a marketing strategy; it’s a superpower that enhances communication, fuels sales, and builds an unbreakable bond between a brand and its audience.

Marketers who have the ability and tools necessary to track every action each customer takes in an online store, including the product pages they visit, the items they add to their cart and the products they purchase, can leverage data-driven insights to consistently (and intelligently!) deliver a stream of product recommendations tailored to the wants and needs of every customer, turning casual browsers into committed buyers. 

Thanks to Connectif’s real-time activity feed, our clients can track the behaviour of both known and anonymous users on their eCommerce site, and use this valuable information to curate personalized, data-driven product recommendations on a weekly basis to be delivered not just by email, but across any channel (pop-ups, push notifications, SMS etc). As a result, their customers have the pleasure of a bespoke shopping experience tailored to their individual preferences, and our clients can ensure that each recommendation has the potential to convert into a sale.

Eager to unveil the magic behind Connectif’s automated recommendation success? Download our PDF to explore the workflow template that powered this strategy for numerous eCommerce businesses this year. 

Strategy 4 – Increase average order value with the promise of free shipping

It’s not just about making more customers purchase. It’s also about making customers purchase MORE! That may be why the fourth most popular conversion strategy implemented by our clients this year is the tactic of offering free shipping to customers who spend over a certain amount. 

According to our report on workflow activations in Connectif, it appears that many marketers this year have opted for embedding a strategic message on their eCommerce website to inform their customers about how close they are to qualifying for free shipping. Not only does this strategy participate in enhancing communication with your beloved customers, it’s also a compelling conversion strategy that truly incentivizes purchases by turning a potential hurdle—shipping costs—into a powerful incentive. Online shoppers, always seeking added value, are motivated to explore additional products to meet the free shipping threshold. 

Enter the world of Connectif, where the countdown to free shipping becomes a finely orchestrated symphony. Our platform integrates seamlessly with your eCommerce, using automation and customer source data to deliver personalized messages in real time. Free shipping is a unique opportunity for your eCommerce to motivate users to buy more.

Click here to discover the full workflow to increase average ticket value with free shipping used by our clients.

Strategy 5 – Abandoned cart recovery funnel

In the competitive world of eCommerce, recovering abandoned carts is always a priority for any marketer. It’s no surprise then that this fifth strategy was one of the most used by Connectif’s clients in 2023.

Rather than letting abandoned carts get lost in the digital maelstrom, many businesses are using the power of marketing automation to effectively connect with potential customers. By reminding your customers about the products they left in their cart, they are more likely to return to your website to retrieve it, increasing the volume of sales. The key lies in setting up an intelligent workflow that is triggered every time a user abandons their online shopping cart.

Using Connectif’s workflows, you can send emails, SMS, push notifications, or pop-ups to remind your potential customers to retrieve their shopping cart. You can also differentiate communications based on cart size or value and offer exclusive discounts or special promotions to motivate cart completion. This holistic approach ensures a personalized experience and significantly increases the likelihood of conversion.

If you want to discover how this strategic vision has helped reduce abandoned carts and recover lost sales, we invite you to download our PDF, where we detail the workflow that has driven the success of numerous companies in 2023.

Strategy 6 – Drive sales with a countdown

The psychology of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) has proven to be a powerful tool in eCommerce, and one strategy that has caught the attention of Data First marketers is the implementation of countdowns to generate a sense of urgency. This makes visitors to your website feel that they are missing out on the opportunity to get an exclusive product or take advantage of a special offer if they don’t act immediately.

Some of our clients, especially during sales, have implemented flash offers with a visible timer, offering exclusive discounts that will only be available for a limited time. Others use the countdown to highlight the limited availability of products, creating the perception of scarcity and thus increasing demand. In addition, the countdown strategy can be adapted to promote product launch events or seasonal sales, generating anticipation and excitement among customers.

By creatively integrating this strategy into eCommerce, companies can not only increase visitor-to-customer conversion, but also improve retention by keeping users engaged and excited about new opportunities.

With Connectif you can easily implement a countdown in your eCommerce in a creative way: download our PDF to explore the workflow template used by big brands this year. Discover how automation, coupled with data-driven accuracy, transforms the customer experience and drives sales.

Strategy 7 – Monthly best-selling product campaign

Email remains an essential component of our interactions with customers in the eCommerce era, and its potential to increase sales and traffic should not be underestimated. One effective tactic is to implement monthly best-seller campaigns, leveraging automation to regularly send newsletter subscribers a curated selection of featured products.

Automating this type of campaign not only saves time, but also maximizes profits by constantly highlighting the most popular products. This strategy is based on psychology, making customers more inclined to buy products supported by the choices of other customers. By highlighting products preferred by others, it builds a strong trust relationship between brand and customer, reduces uncertainty in decision making by opting for products already tried and tested and chosen by others, and increases the likelihood of purchase.

Many Connectif clients, by automatically advising best-sellers, have succeeded in building loyalty and retaining existing customers and attracting new buyers.

If you are ready to boost your conversions through this strategy, we invite you to download our PDF, where we provide a workflow template that you can use as a guide to implement your own monthly best-seller campaign. Discover how to maximize the impact of your email communications and significantly increase your sales with this effective strategy.

Strategy 8 – Communicate effectively by device

Personalizing offers according to the user’s device has proven to be a very important strategy to increase sales during promotional campaigns. The key lies in effectively communicating the launch of new offers on the web, adapting the content of pop-us according to the type of device used by each user. This strategy not only optimizes the user experience, but also maximizes conversions by presenting offers more effectively.

Aware of this, our clients have implemented strategic workflows in their eCommerce to display different types of pop-ups to take full advantage of the capabilities and preferences of each type of device and increase sales volume during key promotional periods.

If you want to discover how this strategy can make a difference to the performance of your campaigns, download our free PDF. Access this valuable resource and start communicating more effectively with your customers.

Strategy 9 – Enhance recommendations based on RFM value

The RFM (Recency, Frequency and Monetary Value) analysis model offers an interesting perspective to personalize product recommendations and strengthen customer relationships. This strategic approach involves segmenting customers based on their recent purchase behavior, frequency of transactions and total monetary value spent. By using these segments, companies can tailor their product recommendation strategies to meet the specific needs of each customer group. By providing product suggestions specifically tailored to the buying habits and preferences of each segment, you can not only increase sales, but also strengthen the emotional connection to the brand.

Thanks to the power of Connectif data, our customers have integrated intelligent workflows that personalize communications based on the RFM value of each customer. The possibilities are endless! For example: once you have identified contacts with a high RFM value, you can send an email with an up-selling strategy. On the other hand, if your customers belong to a segment with a Medium RFM value, you can opt for a cross-selling email. If they do not belong to any of the above segments and are part of the Low RFM segment, you can plan an email with the best-sellers of the last month.

Do you want to make a difference and impact your customers effectively according to the RFM value? Take advantage of the workflow template in our PDF to personalize your product recommendations and increase the effectiveness of your email campaigns, thus building stronger relationships with your customers and improving long-term profitability.

Strategy 10 – Encourage purchases by showing abandoned shopping carts to your users

It is estimated that around 70% of online shoppers abandon their shopping carts without leaving a trace. When we don’t have contact details of these users, eCommerce has to think of a plan B to recover these sales opportunities directly on the website. This last strategy wants to impact all users who did not leave their email address with a pop-up that will be shown to them when they return to the website. So don’t give up if you don’t have the email addresses of all your visitors: thanks to Connectif you can significantly improve the chances of conversion on your online shop.

Making the most of Connectif’s potential, our clients have decided to implement a cart recovery strategy, specifically targeting those users who had not left their email, by showing them a hyper-personalized pop-up according to the products in their basket: this approach is not only effective in reminding users of their pending products, but also provides a second chance to close the sale directly on the site.

Do you want to recover every abandoned cart in your eCommerce? Download our PDF to learn step by step how to set up this strategic workflow. 


2023 has been a true revolution for eCommerce marketers: those who have understood how to leverage automation, artificial intelligence and data have become marketing superheroes with an important mission: to increase sales. It has not been an easy mission, but with a partner like Connectif, creating and implementing no-code workflows has been able to transform each stage of the Customer Journey into a unique experience and impact sales results.

At Connectif we believe that intelligent marketing is the key to driving eCommerce success and that’s why we want to put the power of data and AI in the hands of marketers with our powerful marketing automation platform.

In this article we’ve shared ten of the most popular strategies used by our clients to increase conversion rates in their online shops throughout the year. From personalized push notifications to abandoned cart recovery, each strategy has proven to be a superpower in its own right. In addition, Connectif has made it easy to implement these strategies, ensuring that workflows are simple to create and launch.

For those looking for more details on the success behind these strategies, we have prepared a PDF that reveals success stories and provides workflow templates. Brands have used these superpowers to improve their results and deliver impactful customer experiences. If you haven’t yet explored the possibilities of marketing automation, now is the time. 

Download our full PDF to discover how these strategies have driven the success of countless eCommerce businesses and how you can implement them in your own business.

Join the Data First marketing revolution and take your strategies to the next level!


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