Introducing Copilot: a new superpower for Data First marketers.

If you’ve been following Connectif’s evolution, you’ll already know that we want our marketers to stand out above the rest, being Data First marketers with access to their best first-party data, an ever-growing set of tools and the most desired superpower: the ability to predict the future. But at Connectif we never sleep. Our mission is to turn marketers into superheroes.

With the market for AI in marketing estimated to grow to over 107.5 billion by 2028, we are aware of marketers’ growing interest in AI tools like ChatGPT to create more effective, strategic and creative content. We wanted to ensure that this artificial intelligence can be leveraged directly within our marketing automation platform to further strengthen our clients’ strategies and success.

Therefore, we are excited to announce the launch of Copilot, our new intelligent content creation assistant powered by OpenAI, which brings a new superpower to our marketers: the power of eloquence.

With Copilot, you can easily create the best marketing content to bring your customers even closer to your eCommerce. 

If you have a Connectif account, you can already try it out today, like these customers who are already making the most of our intelligent assistant:

“Now I can predict the future and the power of eloquence – I love Connectif!”

– Manuel Belda, Partner and Manager, Yokono

“We´ve already been playing around with it! Very cool!”

– Sergio Moreno Carrero, E-Commerce and Graphic Designer, Las Casa de las Carcasas

“I’ve tried it to modify texts and it’s a blast.”

– David Saiz, Manager, Tu Micropigmentación

“We won’t stop asking you for more stuff!!!!!”

– Jorge Pelaez Gutierrez, CEO, Farma2go

Don’t have an account? Request a free demo with Connectif today!


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