Connectif’s Zapier integration ushers in a new era of cross-platform coordination

From Connectif, the leading AI-driven marketing automation platform for Data First marketers, we are pleased to announce our integration with Zapier, the software for integrating programs and web applications and automating daily tasks for marketing teams.

Connectif, the exclusive Customer Data and Experience Platform for eCommerce facilitating hyper-personalized and real-time communication, alongside Zapier, a globally renowned automation tool, will not only streamline routine tasks but also elevate marketers’ understanding of their customers across all channels. This reinforces the commitment to omnichannel communication and action, steering away from a focus solely on task automation, empowering marketers to delve into creativity and innovation.

This integration marks a turning point for all marketers using Connectif: with over 6,000 applications available on Zapier, our customers will now have access to a wide range of tools to automate any process imaginable, with a comprehensive solution to cover all automation needs.

Our customers will now enjoy an elevated level of omnichannel management with our recent collaboration, facilitating the automated import of leads and potential customers from popular platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Google Ads directly into Connectif. This advanced functionality enables users to centralize and manage contacts more effectively, eliminating the need for repetitive manual tasks. Furthermore, it allows us to gain deeper insights into each customer’s behavior, ensuring that they receive relevant information tailored to their preferences, whether they visit our website or interact with our emails, regardless of where their engagement originated.

At Connectif, we are committed to providing advanced marketing automation tools that streamline the lives and actions of our customers. This integration with Zapier represents a significant step in that direction, and we are excited to see how our users make the most of this new automation opportunity.

About Connectif

Connectif, the Data First-focused marketing automation platform, empowers eCommerce marketers with the ability to track, analyze, and predict the intentions of all their users (both known and anonymous) in real-time. It enables automating communication throughout the customer journey through hyper-personalized omnichannel messages, enhancing the customer experience and standing out against the competition. With over 5 years of experience empowering more than 1,800 eCommerce businesses in 15 markets, clients such as Samsung, Acer, PC Componentes, and FarmaciasDirect have achieved results such as a 15% increase in Customer Lifetime Value, recovering 25% of abandoned carts, a 28% increase in average order value, and reactivating 30% of inactive users. Discover more at


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