Digital love: ideas to enhance the online shopping experience on Valentine’s Day

Estrategias de marketing automation para San Valentín

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The most romantic season of the year is approaching, and if you’re looking for effective strategies to win over the hearts of your customers and boost conversions in your online store, this blog can help you achieve these goals with success and creativity. While it’s true that Valentine’s Day can be a unique opportunity to shine, eCommerce Managers may encounter common challenges during such intense sales seasons.

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Roses are Red, Hurdles are High: the obstacles of Valentine’s Day

As a marketer, you’ll know that successfully navigating the hustle of Valentine’s Day in eCommerce involves overcoming various challenges.

Market saturation during these dates create fierce competition among eCommerce businesses. The overwhelming presence of offers and promotions can make it challenging for a brand to stand out in the crowd, and consumers may feel bombarded with too many similar choices.

Cart abandonment is also a common challenge during peak sales seasons, where website traffic tends to be higher than usual. This can lead to all kinds of complications in the purchasing process, ranging from distractions to technical issues that can negatively impact conversion and customer satisfaction. This highlights the need to optimize the shopping experience and efficiently manage temporary peaks of traffic.

Another common issue is finding and retaining loyal customers in an environment where options are abundant. Customer loyalty is essential for long-term eCommerce success, but intense competition may lead online shoppers to search for more attractive deals.

Addressing these challenges requires careful planning, robust yet agile infrastructures, smart marketing strategies, and efficient resource management. This is where marketing automation solutions come into play to help online shops overcome these challenges and maximize performance during intense sales periods. Creating innovative marketing campaigns that stand out from competition and delivering personalized experiences can be key to winning the hearts of your audience.

5 marketing automation strategies to impact your audience in February 

Despite the obstacles previously mentioned, with a marketing automation platform like Connectif, you can implement various intelligent strategies, ranging from gamification and hyper-personalization to segmented campaigns based on different metrics like RFM, to help you transform your customers into lifelong brand enthusiasts.

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White or dark chocolate? The sweet gamification strategy to win over your customers

During significant sales seasons such as Valentine’s Day, offering a unique and interactive experience to your visitors becomes your secret weapon to achieve your goals. For instance, if you’re looking to capitalize on traffic peaks during the romantic season, it’s worth going one step further in your bid to convert this new traffic into future champions for your eCommerce. One way to do this is by making use of gamification to identify anonymous traffic on your online store and grow your subscriber base.

Throughout the first two weeks of February, you could create a dynamic landing page featuring an interactive chocolate box: visitors will need to choose a chocolate they like and try to win a special prize – a 10% discount, a 15% discount, a €10 voucher, a €20 voucher, or free shipping on their next order. Through this landing page, you can track visits and implement a workflow to reward 1% of visitors each day. To receive the prize, users will need to provide their email in a pop-up form.

To the unlucky 99%, you could display a pop-up saying ‘No luck today!’ encouraging them to try again tomorrow. Participants will have a total of 14 chances to win a prize during this campaign, not only encouraging returning traffic to your website but also reflecting how your brand cares about your customers.

With Connectif, marketers can turn this simple ‘Choose Your Chocolate’ game into a strategic engine for their eCommerce. Our Data First-focused marketing automation platform facilitates the creation of dynamic landing pages into your online store and simultaneously has the ability to tailor the rewards of an interactive game to specific users, creating a personalized experience that impacts each visitor and leads to an increased customer base.

Struggling to surprise their loved ones? Suggest the most beloved products in your store

Ever since we abandoned handwritten love letters, email has become an essential component in our interactions, and its potential to boost sales and traffic should not be underestimated. With this in mind, you could automate a best-sellers email marketing campaign to send subscribers a newsletter with a curated selection of the most sought after products in your catalog. These products could perhaps be related to special categories. A simple example of product categories could be products labeled as ‘Must-Haves for Her’ or ‘Gifts for Him’.

To create this strategy with Connectif, you simply need to label your products indicating whether they are items for “Men” or “Women.” Subsequently, you can implement a workflow that automates the sending of an email to a specific segment, for example, “Men aged 20 to 45,” showing the best-selling products labeled “Women” during a defined period. These automated newsletters will offer an initial glimpse, revealing the stars of the Valentine’s season, but the heart of this campaign lies in a dedicated landing page, a digital space where customers can explore product recommendations and read authentic reviews from other customers.

By highlighting popular products, a strong trust relationship is built between the brand and the customer, and buyer uncertainty is reduced by opting for products already tested and chosen by others, increasing the likelihood of purchase.
Many Connectif customers currently automate product recommendations based on their store’s best-sellers, achieving customer loyalty and conversion while also attracting new buyers.

Let’s pick up where we left off: it’s time to recover previously abandoned carts

Here’s a tip (for your eCommerce and your life): if it was true love, it will come back. So, don’t despair over abandoned carts in your online store; this is not the end of your story but just a moment of reflection. Instead of letting abandoned carts get lost in the digital whirlwind, many companies are using the power of marketing automation to effectively reconnect with their potential customers. By reminding them about the products they left in the cart last time they visited your website, you increase the chances of them returning to complete the purchase.

The key lies in setting up an effective cart recovery strategy that is activated whenever a user abandons their shopping cart. For example, you could implement a workflow to retarget potential customers with a personalized email of the products they left in their cart, with a message encouraging users to come back and complete their purchase.

During Valentine’s, you can accompany the invitation to recover the carts with a special touch of commercial love: use FOMO and customize your message to encourage the purchase. For example, draft an email with: “I don’t want you to go… Shall we pick up where we left off? Just for you, a special 20% discount if you make the purchase before February 14th.” Providing that additional incentive to complete the order makes the online shopping experience even more irresistible and memorable. You may also consider sending a second email if, after a week from the first, the user has not made a purchase. In this email, not only could you remind them of the abandoned cart but you could also emphasize the timeliness of the special discount you offered.

Recovering abandoned carts is not just about closing sales but providing customers with a second chance and making this Valentine’s season memorable. Ready to pick up where we left off? Retrieve those abandoned carts and turn this Valentine’s into a season of conversions and eCommerce emotions! Remember that Connectif customers can easily implement these hyper-personalized strategies with the use of no-code workflows.

Want to strengthen the relationship with your fans? Send exclusive gifts

Finding a loyal customer is as complicated as finding a soulmate. If your dating apps aren’t working, we can’t give you many tips, but if you want to build loyalty with your customers and strengthen the relationship with them, we can suggest something. We propose a segmentation and personalization strategy that transforms gratitude into action, using the RFM model (Recency, Frequency, and Monetary Value).

The RFM model allows us to classify customers into different segments based on their purchase history, identifying customers with High, Medium, and Low RFM. Using this method, we identify three distinct customer groups: Champions, who often make high-value purchases (High RFM); Potentially Loyal (Medium RFM), recent customers who have made more than one purchase with significant spending; and At Risk (Low RFM), customers who used to spend a lot but have not made a purchase in a while. Each group represents a unique opportunity to strengthen relationships in time for Valentine’s Day.

The High RFM segment contains customers who have significantly contributed to the monetary value of your eCommerce. With this in mind, you could prepare a personalized chest with an exclusive gift. For example, you could send them an invite to your facilities to exclusively try out your brand’s new collection. This VIP experience will surprise, excite, and make your most valuable customers feel as important as they deserve.

For the Medium RFM segment, you can send an emotive message thanking them for their recent purchase and sharing your excitement to have them as customers. Additionally, you can offer them free shipping on their next purchase as a special thank-you gesture for their initial loyalty. Finally, for Low RFM customers, you can reactivate them by sending a personalized push notification with an exclusive 10% discount coupon to encourage them to return to your website and fall in love with your brand and products again.

In summary, utilizing the RFM model in your marketing strategies makes a difference when it comes to impacting your customers. By customizing gifts and messages for each segment, we not only surprise our customers but also cultivate loyalty. This Valentine’s Day, go beyond transactions and create lasting connections with those who have chosen your brand as the expression of their eCommerce love. Surprise and reap the loyalty of your biggest fans!

Do they like you? Take the leap and ask! 

In the eCommerce universe, the magic of love merges with innovation to create ‘The Voice of Love,’ a unique strategy to gather feedback and give your customers the chance to win exclusive prizes this Valentine’s Day.

During the two weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, introduce ‘The Voice of Love’ to your online store. You could do this by segmenting your customers who have made a purchase in the last month and inviting them to complete a form to share feedback about their experience. Each review acts as an entry for a special Valentine’s Day draw. The differentiating factor of this strategy is the potential for an incentive for providing feedback. Customers who leave comments will enter a draw to win a kit of exclusive gifts, which could include special discounts, surprise gifts, or even a voucher for future purchases.

Conclude the strategy by thanking all participants and announcing the lucky winner on February 14th. Share the excitement on your social media and highlight some of the most creative opinions using User-Generated Content.

With Connectif, you can segment your audience based on their purchase history and impact these segmented groups with workflows to gather their feedback, improve processes, and optimize the user experience. Additionally, you can personalize automated communications, maximizing engagement and effectiveness. This strategy blends incentives with innovation, turning customer feedback into a memorable experience for this Valentine’s Day. May love and engagement intertwine to make this season an unforgettable celebration in your eCommerce!

Love, Automation, and Success: final thoughts

As you prepare to dive into the exciting Valentine’s season, it’s worth remembering that these marketing automation strategies are not just tools to boost your store’s sales but also catalysts for building meaningful, long-term relationships with your customers.

At Connectif, we understand that each customer is unique, and these strategies not only address the challenges of eCommerce during Valentine’s Day but also throughout the year. By implementing these strategies, you are not only optimizing your marketing operations but also creating a genuine and lasting love narrative with your customers.

Fall in love with Connectif, where automation, AI, data and, of course, romance merge to create memorable campaigns. Request a demo now!


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