3 magical strategies to boost Christmas sales


During the magical Christmas season, where lights, joy, and last-minute gifts fill the air, eCommerce businesses have an incredible opportunity to shine and impact all visitors, especially when backed by the magic of data.

To help you celebrate the festive season in style, we want to share foolproof marketing strategies that will help you to optimize the online shopping experience and increase conversion rates during the Christmas period.

This year, there’s no need to ask Santa Claus to turn you into a marketing superhero— Connectif can do that for you! Join us and discover how to make this Christmas unforgettable for your customers and profitable for your online store.

The first step for your Christmas campaign: turning anonymous users into subscribers

Guessing who your anonymous users are is like trying to uncover what gifts are hiding under the tree! But thanks to the power of AI, you won’t have to resort to magic to know who is visiting your website.

Approximately 80% of an eCommerce’s traffic consists of secret visitors (like Santa Claus): if you want to plan a strategy for your Christmas campaign, you first need to discover who these unknown visitors are, adding products to their cart and then disappearing without a trace.

With the power of a real-time activity feed like Connectif’s, you can track the actions of all your anonymous users as they browse your online shop. Once you’ve identified your unknown traffic, we recommend displaying a popup to them with an enticing incentive to subscribe to your newsletter and leave their contact details.

And that’s not all! Thanks to the insights you’ve gained from their browsing behavior, you can check which products an anonymous user has added to their cart, such as a beautiful Christmas sweater (the perfect gift for last-minute shopping!). Now, instead of simply showing them a generic popup to join your newsletter, you can create a truly unique experience.

You could design a personalized popup showcasing the specific sweater of interest with a special discount, or use the help of catchy copy like: “Ho, ho, hello! We’ve noticed you love our sweater. Subscribe to our newsletter now and receive a special gift for your next purchase!”

By doing this, you’re not only inviting anonymous users to join your newsletter but infusing a touch of Christmas magic by offering a special gift on a product that they’ve already shown interest in. This strategy increases the likelihood of conversion by providing a unique incentive and, at the same time, allows you to connect deeply with your potential customers.

In summary, to identify anonymous users during the Christmas season, it’s not enough to display a simple generic popup. Instead, use the valuable information you have gathered to deliver hyper-personalized messages. This tactic will increase conversion chances during the holidays and help you create a magical connection between your brand and users by showing that you share the joy of the season with them.

How to capture your customers’ attention: the magic of push notifications

During the month of December, the attention of online shoppers is harder than ever to catch, as they are bombarded with emails and notifications from other stores to encourage purchases. Additionally, it is highly likely that most of them are rushing to complete the last errands before the holidays. What can you do to capture their limited attention? There’s no time to waste!

The key to igniting the magic of push notifications and making your customers feel like excited children on Christmas Eve is to ensure that the messages are valuable and relevant. To achieve this, you need to be able to identify exactly the desires and interests of each customer, as if you were Santa Claus himself delivering personalized gifts (but with each push notification!).

Imagine being able to surprise those customers who share their homes with furry friends. Identify the pet lovers in your audience based on their purchase history and target them with special offers so they can pamper their four-legged companions! And that’s not all—how about segmenting your customers by age range and offering recommendations for the latest and most popular products on all social media?

For example, focus on all users aged between 15 and 25 and recommend these boots that have gone viral on TikTok… They won’t be able to resist! And finally, how about enticing those who usually have a higher average ticket with luxury options to impress their friends and family?

The magic of Connectif extends to every detail of your customers’ lives. From their taste in festive decorations to their social interactions, Connectif gives you the power to create hyper-personalized experiences. So, by segmenting your subscriber base according to their interests and desires, you will not only be increasing your revenue but also bringing the holiday joy to every corner of their shopping experience! Get ready to see a smile on your customers’ faces with every push notification!

How to sell more during the festive period: cross-selling in your eCommerce

As you plan the Christmas campaign for your eCommerce, remember that personalization plays a crucial role in maximizing conversion. Transforming the shopping experience in your store into a unique fairy tale tailored to the individual desires and needs of each customer becomes the magical formula that generates engagement, satisfaction, and, of course, conversion.

Previously, we explored the endless communication possibilities that arise from tracking the digital footprint of all your customers and the power of understanding their desires, needs, and unique characteristics. Now, let’s discover how to sell more during the month of December through a cross-selling strategy driven by the first-party data of your customers.

Imagine a customer has been exploring the “Gifts for Her” section in your store and has shown interest in jewelry. This is where the magic of personalized recommendations comes into play. You can use a strategic channel like email to send strategic combinations of products related to the “Gifts for Her” category. Try personalizing the message as well; an example could be: “Make December unforgettable! Combine this elegant necklace you loved with our new matching earrings. Buy both and receive a special 15% discount on your total purchase!”

Additionally, you could implement dynamic showcases on the homepage of your website, recommending complementary products in your catalog based on the preferences and purchase history of each customer. For instance, if someone has been searching for products related to Christmas decorations, you could show them a showcase with festive ornaments, LED lights, or items to create the perfect atmosphere.

Remember that the key is to use the information you have gathered about your customers’ preferences and behaviors to offer truly relevant suggestions. By doing so, you will not only be increasing the average order value but also leaving a lasting impression in the memories of your customers.

How to run a successful Christmas campaign with Connectif

In this article, we have shared just a few of the countless opportunities that Connectif provides to marketers using our marketing automation platform. Moreover, all our clients have access to a library of predefined workflows to get ready for Christmas with proven effective strategies.

If you’re still unsure about the best marketing strategies for Christmas, here’s an extra treat for you… in this eBook, you will find the workflows and their results to implement these 3 strategies (and 5 more) in your eCommerce!

If you want more information on how Connectif can help you move toward success, request a demo today! We’ll be delighted to show you the results you can achieve from day one.


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