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Transform your marketing strategy with a Data First focus. Our AI-powered automation technology centralizes first-party data from known and anonymous users across all channels, giving you the vision and power to talk to your customers like a human would, with emotional intelligence and context, at scale.

Centralize your
first-party data

Gain a global, centralized vision of all first-party data from all channels in one single platform so you can see inside the heart and mind of every customer.

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Segment your

Track known and anonymous users in real time and take advantage of powerful insights to segment and target specific types of audiences.

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Personalize your
user journeys

Define hyper-personalized experiences and communicate with empathy across all channels to turn anonymous visitors into your most loyal customers.

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Empower your
business decisions

Analyse, compare, understand and use AI-powered technology so you can predict the future of your business and become a true marketing superhero.

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Gain omnichannel visibility of everyone

Do you want to access all your channel and customer data in one place and eliminate data silos? Do you wish you could connect with your anonymous users?

Get the global vision you need to succeed. Make use of powerful real time insights about your customers and their interactions across all your channels, so you can truly understand every person who comes into contact with your business and get to know their every want and need.

Get smarter at organizing your audience

Do you know who your VIP customers are? Would you like to know when they haven’t open your last email or made a purchase in the last 60 days?

Segment your customers based on unlimited insights, from product preferences and user behaviour to the value they bring to your business, and communicate with both relevance and empathy according to each audience’s profile.

Automate effective communication at scale

Are you personalizing messaging for all your customers? Do you wish you could communicate in a way that’s impossible to ignore?

Create and launch strategic workflows to communicate effectively with the right customer at the right time and on the right channel. Make the most of every opportunity and touch point to attract, delight and retain your audience.

Speak to your customers like you know them

Do you know your customer’s favourite product? Can you predict how they will react to your campaign? Do you wish you could make them feel like the only person in the world?

Delight all of your customers by creating tailored marketing campaigns, hyper-personalized content and relevant product recommendations based on an unlimited memory of customer behaviour that show you truly understand your customers. Show them you care and keep them coming back for more.

Analyse the past and present and predict the future

Do you want visibility of the performance of every channel, audience, product and campaign? Do you dream of having advanced metrics at your fingertips?

Keep an eye on all of your customers, channels, campaigns, segments so you can answer any question about your business in an instant. Explore your data in more depth to analyze, compare, learn, predict and create even more engaging customer journeys to become a true marketing superhero.

What marketers are saying

I use Connectif every single day at work. It is easy and simple to use. Very intuitive and colorful. It makes it fun to create workflows and see how it affects your clients and your e-commerce. I recommend it 100%.

Raquel Candón

Team Leader Marketing Automation

It has many functions that you can easily apply to your website and helps you to customise it. There are also predefined workflows for all processes that are very useful. Almost anything you can think of that you can implement on your website you can find a way to do it with Connectif.

Belén Sánchez

Marketing Manager

A 100% omnichannel and easy-to-use platform. Intuitive and with infinite strategic workflows. With Connectif, I have all data from all channels unified in one place, instead of struggling through many different tools and plugins.

Paula Saboulard

Team Leader Marketing Automation

Get started in minutes

Whatever your eCommerce platform, it takes just a matter of minutes to integrate all of your customer data, channels, sales and catalog info so you can get started with launching your first workflow and seeing the results right away!

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increase in Customer
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increase in recovery
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reactivation rate of
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