Client Success Story

Find out how Listo Mundo Cerámico successfully leveraged data from their online channels to grow offline sales and optimize the customer experience.

Results achieved with Connectif


increase in average
ticket value


increase in email open rate


increase in subscriptions to push notifications

About Listo Mundo Cerámico

Listo Mundo Cerámico is a Colombian marketer of finishes and products for construction and remodeling of residential and institutional spaces. With more than 60 years of experience in the market, Listo has been characterized by a business model based on good business practices, responsibility and caring for its customers, employees and suppliers.

With Connectif, we’ve seen the full power of our omnichannel marketing strategy. By uniting online and offline forces, we’ve achieved the sales growth we were looking for.

Andrés Méndez

Coordinador de Mercadeo y Publicidad

This case includes:

  • Listo Mundo Cerámico’s action plan for transforming their marketing strategy.
  • Use cases of content personalization and online strategies for boosting offline sales.
  • Strategic workflows and examples of communications sent to customers.

Discover Listo Mundo Cerámico’s successful marketing strategy

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increase in Customer
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increase in email
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increase in
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