Marketing Automation
for Magento

Personalize your customer journey and boost sales by synching Connectif with your e-shop in just a few minutes.

Implementing a Marketing Automation tool has never been this easy!

Sync Magento with Connectif in no time.

Improve your Magento site with Connectif.

Download our module

Choose your Magento version from Connectif’s admin dashboard and download all the necessary files.

Install it on your shop

Install the module in your shop with a simple tutorial. After a brief verification process, it will be ready to be activated.

Activate and go!

After a few minutes, Connectif will be ready to collect customer data and launch campaigns, send e-mails, recommend products and more!

This is what you’ll be able to do:

Real-Time Tracking
Track your customers’ behavior on Magento since day one whether they have registered or not. Then launch real-time campaigns based on their preferences.

Personalized Experiences
Create unique content tailored to the visitors’ expectations or data. Display certain contents to a contact that has clicked on a Google Shopping or Fb Ads advert.

Advanced Segmentation
Create audience segments based on your users’ interests, previous purchases and interactions through different channels, and launch campaigns tailored to them.

Advanced Email Marketing Tools
Say goodbye to bulk e-mails! Use our advanced segmentation tools to launch made-to-measure campaigns. Boost your campaign metrics and deliverability.

CMS Integration in 15 Minutes

Connectif Integrations

In a short period of time, our product catalog will be synched and you’ll be able to analyze your clients’ customer journey, generate recommendations, create personalized content and much more. Say goodbye to long integration processes!

Prestashop Integration
Magento Integration
Shopify Integration
WooCommerce Integration
Vtex Integration
Customized Integration

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