Increase Your Visibility
with Social Campaigns

Sync Connectif CDXP with Facebook and Instagram and create personalized audiences with dynamic ads that include our platform’s AI.

Customize your social media messaging!

Automate and interact.

Improve your retargeting campaigns’ performance! Personalize the browsing experience for Facebook and Instagram users and get more leads. Analyze behavior patterns and ROI rates. Create audience segments based on real-time interaction

Sync and deploy.

  • Native link from Connectif CDXP to Facebook.
  • Get leads while keeping user traceability.
  • Analyze behavior patterns with dynamic tags.
  • Personalize your eCommerce site content based on the users’ origin and design solid, contextual marketing campaigns.
  • A/B/X Testing available for different channels.


Expand your reach while keeping traceability!

Get new leads

Use social media retargeting to keep your visitors engaged. Offer new recommended products, discounts and valuable information on their dashboards. Get their attention and redirect them to the site. Turn your interactions into quality leads!


Design unique actions for Facebook users drawn by specific campaigns. Use our onsite personalization technology to offer a unique, contextual campaign that matches the info you’re providing on social media sites.

Segment and convert

Create smart audience segments based on the characteristics of potential Facebook Ads customers and deploy individual strategies to increase conversions. Analyze the origin, campaigns and ROI provided by every offsite setting.

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