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Enhance your omnichannel strategy with SMS.
Send the message with highest opening rates directly to the user!
Boost your sales through personalized text messaging.

SMS Marketing

Imagine interacting with your users through automated text messages based on real-time actions taken inside your eCommerce platform. Well, that’s just one of the types of SMS you’ll be able to create with Connectif!

SMS and eCommerce

  • Use your workflow to schedule personalized communications. For instance, you can introduce the user to a specific landing page, redirect them to previously abandoned products or send a birthday greeting paired with an exclusive discount that they can use on the website.
  • Do you have a campaign in mind? Execute it in an easy and affordable way using this undercrowded medium.


How does it work?

Set up your campaign

Write a persuasive text that includes an URL or discount code to get leads. Using our dynamic variables, personalize your message based on the data provided by the user, as their name, birthday date or favorite web sections.

Choose your target

Choose your main target A mass audience, a specific segment or just your new subscribers. Use conditionals so the delivery is only triggered when certain conditions are met. Reach your target at the perfect moment!

Set your trigger

Send your text at the right moment and based on a real-time customer interaction. For instance, when a user registers, visits a certain product page or completes a big purchase. Create unique contextual campaigns!

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