Push Notifications

Take your eCommerce site to the next level using one of the most effective ROI generators: push notifications.

Personalize and attract customers effectively and foster loyalty with customized notifications. Plus, round up your strategy combining push notification delivery with messaging in other available channels.

Easy design. Easy goals.

Push notifications are pop-up notices that show up in our phone, tablet or desktop screens. Users have progressively adopted this type of communication, as they have the power to accept or deny them, which in turn offers spectacular conversion rates.

Personalized Push Notifications

  • Our push notification builder will be your best ally to design your messages in an easy and intuitive way. Add personalized push notifications to your marketing strategy. Filter them according to user types or browsing interests.
  • Set your specifications: your notification could be shown to users of a certain age bracket, with a brand/category preference or to those who have completed a particular type of purchase. Segment your strategy and boost conversions!


How does it work?

Create your strategy

Choose the moment, triggering behavior and number of times you’ll suggest each visitor to get updates on your brand and on exclusive offers. Once they accept, say thanks sending an attractive welcome push notification.

Design your notification

Fill in the title, message, url, logo and image fields. Our dynamic variable technology enables maximum personalization for each message. It directs the user to the section or products of their preference, improving conversion.

Roll out your campaigns

Choose the audience segment you want to communicate with, set triggering behaviors for the message to be launched and schedule when notifications will pop up. All from your workflow panel! Personalize your conversations.

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