The Email Marketing
The Email Marketing You Always Wished For

Get the flexibility you need to create personalized campaigns using multiple templates or base them off your own designs.

Personalize your communications and make the most out of your client database!

Our Email Marketing Platform

Create, design and deliver different kinds of personalized content at the perfect moment. Use our predetermined templates and structure your e-mails freely and simply with our drag&drop builder. If you’re looking for more personalization and uniqueness, you can also format and customize your e-mails in HTML.

Your Email Marketing Campaigns Will Be In The Right Hands

  • Our Email Marketing software ensures deliverability and avoids spam folders.
  • Not only will you be able to send personalized e-mails to every user, but also to deliver bulk Email Marketing campaigns or personalized segmented messages to a certain audience.
  • Whether you’re basing your strategy on web logs or live actions, your communications will always be focused on initiating smart conversations and offering valuable content to your contacts.


How does it work?

Design your e-mail

Use our drag&drop e-mail builder or create your own HTML template to design an attractive e-mail message. Maximize your conversion rates using dynamic content personalized for each client.

Choose your audience

Send bulk e-mails or schedule your message to reach specific segments. Create workflows to automate campaigns and add other channels to them to improve communication.

Analysis and Segmentation

Analyze and make decisions based on live delivery and interaction data. Visualize clear stats on delivery, clicks, opening rates and sales. Bring more clients back using our behavioral model.

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our experts

We’ll find the right plan for you so you can enjoy the countless possibilities of marketing automation.

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