Create segmented audiences based on your users’ interests, purchases or behavior. . Get more leads with personalized communications via e-mail, text, push notifications or smart blocks

Direct the customer journey.

Have influence over touchpoints using Connectif. Personalize your communications depending on the stage the user is in. Reduce sticking points and get an increased interest on your eCommerce site and the brand’s communications.

Adapt your message to every client.

Show unique content to each and every one of your contacts depending on the audience or segment the user belongs to. For instance, send distinct messages to clients that have recently completed more than two purchases, to users interested in a specific type of product or to customers with a lead score of over 250 points.


How does it work?


Users will move across segment tiers in real time as they reach certain milestones on your eCommerce site. You’ll also be able to create dynamic segments based on the contacts’ characteristics. Create testing segments and try them out freely!


Build your lists using different criteria and plan your campaigns with all the available data. Create workflows tailored to specific segments and shape unique experiences for each, adapting your communications and marketing actions to every group.


Check real-time audience analytics and take action to get clients back, get leads or increase the average ticket of loyal customers. Perform A/B/X Multichannel Tests and find the perfect combo to boost your campaign’s performance.

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