Landing Page

Create personalized landing pages for specific users. Then display your conversion-orientes products and messages! Use form, smart widgets and other features to boost your sales.

Customize every little detail of your site.

Create exclusive landing pages tailored for a specific audience, campaign or customer journey highlight. In Connectif CDXP everything is connected so you can carry out specific actions in the appropiate context and personalize them for your users.

A/B/X Testing for Landing Pages in the context of PPC Campaigns

Optimize your PPC Campaigns thanks to A/B/X Testing. Try different ways of displaying products’ technical specifications or categories to maximize conversions and campaign profitability margins.


How does it work?

Choose your target

Select which users you want the landing page to be shown to from your workflow. Choose all your contacts, a set of users that meets certain criteria or one of your audience segments.

Set up your page

Decide where to launch your actions (pages and type of device) and the limitations that will be applied to them (ir. a specific number of times per dat). Add images, coupons, offers, forms and more!

Maximize conversions

Display specific products/content according to different types of criteria: most popular products, articles connected to the ones in the cart, etc. Choose one of our preset algorithms or design your own!

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